Lewes Road TRO Declined by WSCC

Published: 26 January 2024

Lindfield Parish Council is extremely disappointed to advise that West Sussex County Council has declined to proceed with the proposal for a 7.5 tonne weight restriction on the Lewes Road between the High Street and Gravelye Lane. 

The proposal was designed to reduce the number of large vehicles using Lindfield Village as a short-cut, rather than following WSCC’s Advisory Lorry Routes (i.e. Motorway and A Roads, until as close to the intended destination as possible, when B roads are used). It would also serve to reduce the number of vehicles turning at the narrow and difficult junction of the High Street and Lewes Road, which on a daily basis causes vehicles to drive on the narrow single pavement, potentially endangering pedestrians accordingly.

The scheme was supported by the MP for Mid Sussex, as well as the ward County and District councillors.  Residents showed their support through a petition which garnered 1200+ signatures and the Parish Council employed a traffic specialist firm, recommended by WSCC, to undertake the appropriate consultation and supporting report. The anticipated costs for the scheme can be provided from S106 monies held by Mid Sussex District Council, earmarked for improvements at this location. It is understood that if no scheme is agreed the funds can be returned to the housing site developers after 10 years.

Lindfield Parish Council will continue to explore alternative solutions but WSCC’s current stance indicates that this will be very difficult to achieve. The full response from WSCC can be seen at TRO Refusal.