Senior and Disabled Rail Discount Code

Senior Railcard 

The Senior Railcard entitles you to a third off the cost of most rail journeys and other discounts. Currently costs £24 per annum. Existing card holders can apply to the Parish Office or by telephone (484115) for a unique promotion code number (UPC).

New applicants can apply to the Parish Office for the UPC, but will need to bring proof of both age and address. Applications thereafter are made directly to the Association of Train Operating Companies either on-line or by telephone using the UPC and you will then be sent the rail card directly in the post.

0345 3000 250

Disabled Persons Railcard

The cost is currently £18 and the procedure is the same National Concessionary Travel Scheme: Entitles you to free travel on all registered bus journeys in England between 9.30am-11.00pm Monday to Fridays and anytime at weekends.

All eligible applicants are entitled to both a free bus pass and a Senior Railcard. Alternatively the Senior Railcard is available free of charge to those eligible for the bus concession who are willing to give the latter up. Please note that for free bus passes, and lost bus passes, forms are available in the Parish Office but now need to be sent directly to West Sussex Bus Pass (address on the form). The free Senior Rail Cards can be renewed by phoning West Sussex Buss Pass: 0845 0751018.

Taxi vouchers are available instead of a bus pass to assist people who cannot physically use other forms of public transport. Please contact Mid Sussex District Council:

N.B. National Concessionary Travel Scheme Bus Pass, Senior and/or Disabled Persons Railcard and Taxi Vouchers are all available to car owners and people who have access to a vehicle.