HGVs, Planning and TRO

Published: 04 August 2020

The Parish Council is fully aware of the appeal lodged in respect of Tremains Farm and the potential implications in terms of significantly increased HGV movements in the area were this to be successful.

As detailed in the Council’s response to MSDC in respect of the original application, were the application to be approved the Council sought a comprehensive Construction Management Plan in line with West Sussex County Council’s Advisory Lorry Routes; routing HGV movements via A-roads and motorways rather than utilising the local B-road network. It is hoped that the Planning Inspector, if minded to approve the appeal, will require that the appropriate Construction Management Plan is put in place.

Separately, the Council has made clear its full support for the proposed TRO restricting HGV movements from the Lewes Road / High Street junction and continues to work towards achieving this. In order to address the process requirements of West Sussex County Council (WSCC) Highways, the Council is currently obtaining quotes from consultant’s who will canvass the views of likely affected parties were the restriction to be put in place (e.g. local businesses, contractors and hauliers). This is required by WSCC notwithstanding the clearly evidenced support of resident’s in signing the petition backing the proposed TRO. Following (successful) completion of the consultation, a formal application will be submitted to WSCC for consideration by its County Local Committee. If this application is successful, then implementation will follow.

The Council will continue to work to address WSCC’s requirements and achieve implementation of the proposed TRO.