Climate Change

Climate Change Resolution

On 11th July 2019 Lindfield Parish Council passed the following resolution:

Lindfield Parish Council acknowledges that climate change is a serious issue. Lindfield Parish Council has already taken steps to mitigate against climate change and will continue to do so. The council will seek to keep up to date with advice from its regional and national associations regarding climate change and the role that local authorities can play. The council will consider this at its first Environment and Amenities meeting where it will be discussed fully. The council, where possible, will consider climate change alongside other factors when decision making. The council will seek to help residents, through educational means, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Climate Change Action Plan

Lindfield Parish Council is pleased to announce that it has adopted a Climate Change Action Plan, which commits to helping tackle the environmental emergency at a local level. A copy of the Plan can be found by clicking here.


Climate Change Working Group

On 14th November 2019, Full Council agreed to the formation of the Climate Change Working Group. Councillor Wood chairs the Working Group, which also includes Councillors Grace, and Wilson. Additionally, the Parish Clerk assists the Working Group.

The terms of reference for the Climate Change Working Group are:
• Consider how best the Council can meet its Climate Change policy objectives.
• Provide the E&A Committee and Full Council with regular updates.
• Provide updates and advice for the local community.
• Obtain quotes for any projects/ideas.
• Propose future & ideas that could be included in a business plan / future budgets.
• Subject to Committee and/or Full Council approval implement projects/ideas.
• Monitor effectiveness of any implement projects/ideas.
• Liaise with third parties.

Action taken undertake so far

The following work has been undertaken:
• Passing a Climate Change Resolution.
• Implementing a Climate Change Policy Document.
• Passing a tree policy for trees on Parish Council owned land.
• Signing the Tree Charter and supporting its objectives ( ).
• Installing wildlife boxes on the Denmans Lane allotments & Wilderness Field.
• The Working Group holds regular meetings and is working with other local authorities to explore and promote local Climate Change initiatives.
• Working Group members regularly take part in third party events.
• Agree to plant additional trees on the Wilderness Field and Denmans Lane allotment site.
• Produce articles in Lindfield Life promoting the policy, its objectives, and the work of the community.
• Contributed financially towards Fairer World Lindfields virtual screening of the film 2040

How you can become involved

We want to work with the local community including local groups, businesses, and other councils, to raise awareness of climate and sustainability-related issues, share good practices and identify actions we can implement in Lindfield. We would welcome any interested residents or local businesses to contact us if you would like to become involved or have any ideas which you would like us to consider. Ideas can be submitted by the following link:


One of our aims is to seek to encourage Lindfield based businesses to be environmentally sustainable. Alongside this, we would like to encourage residents to make changes in their behaviours to be more carbon neutral. This will include promoting encouraging recycling, re-use, and repair as well as walking and cycling as leisure activities. The Challenge to live differently - Have you thought about how you could make an action that could help the environment? Here are some suggestions:

• Commit to recycling more.
• Try to re-use rather than dispose of items.
• Commit to using your car less.
• Buy from environmentally friendly businesses.
• Grow more of your food.