Denmans Lane Public Toilets

Published: 16 June 2020

Lindfield Parish Council is working on re-opening these facilities and regrets that these toilets have been closed in some way for a lengthy period.

Individual cubicles were put out of action late in 2019 following problems with plumbing, replacing the disabled toilet door, and failure of a locking mechanism. These issues took longer to resolve than anticipated, as some parts proved more difficult to obtain than expected. This was however resolved early in 2020 and the facilities re-opened.

With the advent of Coronavirus, one of our cleaning contractors advised that they were suspending their services as all their available staff were fully utilised on higher priority activities (e.g. cleaning medical facilities such as GP surgeries and radiography centres). Accordingly, the facility was taken out of service.

The contractors have now advised that they will be able to recommence cleaning activities very shortly and, subject to supplies of consumables, the toilets will be reopened as soon as possible.