Covid 19 Support Groups

Published: 20 March 2020

Lindfield Parish Council is very conscious that in these unprecedented times, daily living and working is becoming more challenging for all but especially the over-70s and other vulnerable members of the community. It has been very heartening to hear of local volunteers offering to shop for those in need and of people looking to support such groups. Inevitably, some of the most vulnerable lack access to the internet and the self-isolation requirements make it all but impossible for them to go looking for assistance.

The Council has limited resources but can act as a point of information, publishing details of help groups and how to support those most in need. Accordingly, we would welcome details of such groups and will share these on our media platforms as appropriate.

Initially, posting a notice to neighbours might help identify a need; please feel free to print and use as appropriate. Even when a neighbour usually has plenty of visitors, the rapidly changing situation might mean that they can no longer visit and opening communication through such contact could be critical.

Over time we will look to publish more details of volunteer organisations and groups across Lindfield, but in the meantime provides access to volunteer groups and how to set one up. The closest to Lindfield is on FaceBook Haywards Heath Covid19 Mutual Aid


Regrettably, a word of caution, there will unfortunately be some who seek to exploit other’s weaknesses and we can give no guarantee in respect of individuals or organisations who offer to help.  Accordingly, we would ask neighbours to be extremely vigilant for callers who appear at vulnerable individuals properties, especially those seeking to charge for services or take money up front.