Winter Weather - Snow and Ice

Responsibility for salting and gritting both the roads and pavements rests with West Sussex County Council (WSCC). The Parish Council does not have the resources to undertake this across the village. In the event of concerns as to safety on the roads or pavements please contact the Highways Authority WSCC. WSCC Highways aim to keep the key priority routes - A and B roads, plus other roads of local importance, safe and passable during bad weather. These 'Winter Service Network' routes cover 1,690km of roads and include access to:

  • airports
  • major bus routes
  • police stations
  • ambulance stations
  • fire stations
  • A&E hospitals
  • large industrial establishments


This work is undertaken using 20 gritters, to which snow ploughs can be attached if required. There are 19 routes that take around three hours each to complete. Trunk roads such as the A27, A23 and M23 are an exception as they are the responsibility of National Highways, which has its own winter maintenance policy. It is not possible for West Sussex Highways to grit (salt) or clear snow from all other roads, footways or cycle ways. During snowy weather, WSCC is unable to respond to additional requests for salting as all their resources are required to keep the main routes open.


Grit bins

Whilst grit bins are not provided by WSCC, Lindfield Parish Council provides over 30 grit bins in strategic locations around the village to support the local community. These are filled by WSCC annually before the start of winter. Grit bins are provided at various locations throughout the village to allow drivers and pedestrians to treat localised icy conditions. The bins contain a salt/sand mix which is solely for use on public roads and pavements and should not be used for private driveways. WSCC does not offer a top up service during the winter season and commercially available salt tends to become expensive and scarce during cold weather.


How to use grit

You do not need to carpet an area with grit to achieve the desired effect. ‘Dusting’ the grit sparingly from a shovel will prove to be effective.

The salt should be used sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Please remember if you use all the grit in one area, others will be without and that refills will be unlikely.


Report a damaged grit bins

The Parish Council have a program of works to replace damaged or broken grit bins however, if a grit bin near you becomes empty or damaged, let us know ( / 01444 484115).


Supporting your neighbours

Severe weather conditions can be life threatening, especially to those who are less likely to be able to look out for themselves. During these times, you can help your more vulnerable neighbours by calling in on them to check that they are warm, well and have sufficient food supplies, and gritting footpaths.

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