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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.


Following the recent further public consultation into the content of our Neighbourhood Plan and having reviewed the 25 responses received, Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) Cabinet decided, on Thursday 30 November 2015, that the Plan should now be put to a referendum.


The referendum will be held on Thursday 28th January 2016 for which residents should shortly receive their polling cards. It is now for the residents of the two Parishes to decide whether the Plan should form part of the District’s planning strategy until 2031.

The Plan to be voted on has already been published. It is basically a revised copy of the Plan submitted to MSDC by the Parish Councils of Lindfield and Lindfield Rural back in December 2014 (was it really a whole year ago?), together with a few minor changes to the wording that were recommended by the Independent Examiner. It stipulates that any new housing development should be within the current built-up area boundary of Lindfield and Scaynes Hill. However, following the latest public consultation, it was accepted that this should include the new Heathwood Park development beside Gravelye Lane, since all that land has already been granted planning permission.  


Please play your part. Mid Sussex District Council has all the relevant details along with the referendum timetable, and a copy of the Plan is also available for viewing at each of the Parish offices. Click here to view the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version. See also this link to view the Referendum Neighbourhood Plan on line:

The Steering Group will also be holding Pop-in Sessions on the 16th January, in Scaynes Hill’s Millennium Centre from 10 to 12 in the morning and in Lindfield’s King Edward Hall Jubilee Room from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. If you would like to refresh your memory about the Plan, find out about the whole process or remind yourself about the amount of work that was undertaken by the community during the Plan preparation, then please come along. Watch out for the publicity advertising these events.   

 So far, there have been 4 referendums for Neighbourhood Plans within the District and another 2 will be held on the same day. The highest turnout of voters so far has been 42%. Let us see whether we can beat that number and make the point that our community are the ones that should (and have) decided on planning strategy within our Parishes.

It is very important that local residents exercise their vote at this referendum.





 Mid Sussex District Council

Planning Policy Update

17th September 2015

Lindfield and Lindfield Rural Neighbourhood Plan – Consideration of Examiner’s Recommendations and Proposed Alternative Modification


Mid Sussex District Council appointed an Independent Examiner to examine the Lindfield and Lindfield Rural Neighbourhood Plan. The Examiner recommended a number of modifications including that the Built up Area Boundary be amended so as to include additional land for development and land that benefits from extant permission. A map indicating the land which would be included in any such a proposal is available to view at

A Local Planning Authority under Regulation 18 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 must consider the recommendations of the Examiner and the reasons for them and decide whether to accept them.


Mid Sussex District Council has considered the recommendations of the Examiner and has provisionally accepted most of the recommendations. However, it takes a different view from that of the Examiner on the proposed amendment to the Built up Area Boundary. As such it is inviting representations on a proposed alternative modification.

It is the opinion of Mid Sussex District Council that the Built up Area Boundary should be amended to include the land that benefits from planning permission for residential development. However, the District Council’s provisional view is that it should not be amended to include land that has not been granted planning permission (i.e. the site coloured pink on the map suggested by the Examiner). A map indicating the land which would be included in such a proposal is available here <insert MSDC map>.

Mid Sussex District Council is keen to hear your opinion on its proposed alternative amendment to the Built up Area Boundary. The consultation will run for 21 days from 17th September 2015 until 8th October 2015. The documents are available at A paper copy is available to view at the Council offices (see address below).

All comments must be received by Midnight on 8th October 2015. All comments received will be public information.

Formal comments can be submitted online by emailing or by post to Planning Policy and Economic Development, Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1SS.


If you have any queries, please contact the Planning Policy and Economic Development Team on (01444 477391) or email


Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) published the Plan for a 6 week public consultation, which ran from:-

Thursday 12 February 2015 until Thursday 26 March 2015

The  consultation is therefore now closed. However, if you wish to view a summary of the representations received during the consultation period, please do visit MSDC's website at the following link-

Also on this page are details of the appointment of the independent examiner, Mr Graham Self, who will now examine the Plan and check that it complies with the requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. These are known as the Basic Conditions, and cover matters such as compliance with national planning policies and advice, and that it is in conformity with the strategic policies contained in the development plan for the area of the planning authority (Mid Sussex).    


Please click HERE for a summary of the responses received. To view copies of the full responses please click HERE (use the summary number to scroll down to the one you want to view). 

(Click on the picture icon below to open the Plan and as directed for the supporting documents) 


Click HERE for Proposals Maps

Click HERE for Areas of Townscape Character document

Click HERE for Local Green Spaces document for Lindfield

Click HERE for Local Green Spaces for Lindfield Rural 

Your Neighbourhood Plan

(latest news - see below in blue for general information)

State of the Parish Report

Next meeting of the Lindfield Neighbourhood Plan STEERING GROUP (formerly Joint Working Party) ON: TUESDAY, 3rd FEBRUARY 2014 at 8.00 p.m. in the King Edward Hall. This is a public, open meeting - see below for the Agenda

 Your Parish Council needs you. Click HERE for details!

For an example of what a final Neighbourhood Plan may look like, please click on the link below:

The Lindfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group offered a prize of an M&S Gift Voucher for completing and sending in the Housing Needs Survey form. Action in  Rural Sussex made the draw, and the Steering Group is is pleased to announce that the prize was won by Jane Worrell of Lindfield. See photograph below of Mrs Worrell being presented with her prize by the Chairman, Councillor Alan Gomme.     

 Lindfield Parish Council & Lindfield Rural Parish Council

 The Neighbourhood Plan – a future vision for our parishes

Over the next few months, Lindfield Parish Council and Lindfield Rural Parish Council will be joining forces to produce a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ – a new and important document that will help shape the future of our parishes.

You may have heard that the Government has made changes to the planning system and have concerns about how these may affect our community. Over the years development will be essential to accommodate the needs of residents and local businesses and we must ensure that the decisions made now to improve our lives do not impact adversely on future generations.

The new regulations introduce a new type of plan to incorporate the views of local people to be included in wider district plans. Neighbourhood Plans will provide residents of villages such as ours with more say over how their communities will develop and flourish in the future. In fact, they cover almost everything you can think of – from protecting our countryside and local wildlife to providing leisure facilities and other amenities, such as schools, housing, and health centres.

Drafting a Neighbourhood Plan is a community process. That’s why Lindfield Parish Council and Lindfield Rural Parish Council have decided to work together to create a comprehensive Neighbourhood Plan that covers both parishes.


The Joint Working Party organised two Exhibitions during September in connection with the Neighbourhood Plan that is jointly being undertaken by your Parish Council and our friends in the Rural Parish. The first was held in the King Edward Hall on Saturday 15th September and we had about 200 visitors that day, while the second was held in the Millennium Centre in Scaynes Hill on the following Saturday, where they had over 100 visitors. In addition to Councillors from both Parishes at the exhibitions, we had great assistance from planning experts from Planning Aid England who were able to answer many visitors’ questions about the wider implications of the Localism agenda from Central Government and the recently announced changes to planning controls.

We obtained considerable useful feedback from many visitors to the exhibitions and we do appreciate the openness that so many of them showed in their responses to the various displays, in particular to those relating to infrastructure, landscape and housing. The 500+ completed questionnaires that have been returned to us together with some associated letters were sent to AiRs (Action in Rural Sussex) for independent analysis. 

The AiRS Survey Report can be accessed HERE or from the home page and there will be an article on this in our Newsletter due to be published in Lindfield Life in January.  In the meantime the JWP will continue to meet regularly in order to progress various matters including a Sustainability Report that we are required to produce.and meetings of the JWP will be held in public from now on.  A number of villagers have indicated their willingness to assist us in some of these areas and we are talking to them about how they can help us.   The JWP is working towards holding another public presentation at the Parish Meetings of both Parishes in April.

Councillor Alan Gomme – Chairman, Planning and Traffic Committee.


Initially, the two Parish Councils met as a Joint Working Party, but this has now been re-named as the Lindfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Its members comprise Councillor Alan Gomme (Chairman) (Lindfield Parish Council), Councillor Andy Spooner (Vice-Chairman) (Lindfield Rural Parish Council), Councillors Will Blunden, Ron Plass and (Simon Hodgson) (Lindfield Parish Council), and Councillors John Dumbleton, and Ray Jones (Lindfield Rural Parish Council). It has recently established four Focus Groups (made up of local volunteers) to look at Housing, Traffic & Transport, Landscape, and Community.

Please note that the meetings of the Steering Group, which will now normally take place on a monthly basis, are open to the public (either at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield, or the Millennium Centre, Scaynes HiIl), and everyone is welcome to attend. The Agendas and notes of the meetings so far appear below.

 13.12.12   AGENDA                            NOTES

 24.01.13   AGENDA                            NOTES

21.02.13    AGENDA                            NOTES

 21.03.13   AGENDA                            NOTES

 24.04.13   AGENDA                            NOTES 

 15.05.13   AGENDA                             NOTES

 03.02.14   AGENDA                            NOTES

 08.05.14   AGENDA                            NOTES


NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - There is a wealth of information available to view. The latest news and information appears below. See also the Neighbourhood Plan page on the link below or main menu. See also the page on the Focus Groups for all the documents relating to their work.   

  • THE LINDFIELD & LINDFIELD RURAL PRE-SUBMISSION NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN IS PUBLISHED BELOW. A SIX WEEK STATUTORY CONSULTATION PERIOD RAN FROM 1st NOVEMBER 2013 to 13th DECEMBER 2013. THIS PRODUCED 62 RESPONSES, SO A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO RESPONDED. Now that the consultation period has ended we are going through the process of studying all the comments we have received, and will be discussing these with our consultants from Action in Rural Sussex. The Steering Group met on on 3rd February and 8th May 2014 at 8.00 p.m. in the Jubilee Room, King Edward Hall, to discuss the next steps. Your comments have helped us to finalise the Plan before it is formally submitted to Mid Sussex District Council to prepare for the independent examination and referendum stages. At the meeting, our consultants presented the Regulation 14 report formally summarising the consultation response, and the action taken in respect of it. Please view this HERE. Please note the additional recommendation on the report, which is that in the next/final version of the Plan a distinction is made between policies and proposals.
  • We have also published on the dedicated Neighbourhood Plan page (see the link below), our own summary of all the responses, so you can see from a glance the nature of the input we have had, and then a copy of all the responses in full. These are numbered by reference to the summary, to make it easy to scroll down and pick out the one you want to view. Addresses, including email addresses, and signatures, have of course been redacted.    


  (Click on the picture icon below to open the draft Plan and then as directed for the supporting documents - see also the       Neighbourhood Plan page) 

Click HERE for Proposals Maps

                                                                            Click HERE for Areas of Townscape Character document (revised May 2014                                                                                                  to include Portsmouth Wood and Portsmouth Wood Close)

                                                                            Click HERE for Local Green Spaces document for Lindfield

                                                                            Click HERE for Local Green Spaces for Lindfield Rural 

The draft Neighbourhood Plan click here to go to Neighbourhood Plan Page

    Survey Summary click here

    State of the Parish Report click here
       Housing Needs Survey click here
               (see also Neighbourhood Plan pages)

                          Free entry to draw for completing Housing Needs Survey - draw by Action in Rural Sussex produces winner                               of Gift voucher prize (see Neighbourhood Plan page for photo!)

                            RURAL COMMUNITY PROFILE FOR LINDFIELD (PARISH) - click here

                            RURAL COMMUNITY PROFILE FOR LINDFIELD RURAL (PARISH) - click here

                            WINDFALL SITES INFORMATION AND NUMBERS - click here